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Are Your Children On Your Calendar?

Updated: Feb 23

Paint by Numbers the art of fatherhood

Ready for a reality check that might just sting a bit? Pause your digital scroll and take a peek into your calendar. Yes, that sacred space where 'Lunch with Dave', 'Dentist Appointment', and 'Conference Call with the Morale Team' vie for your precious time. Amidst this daily grind of commitments, have you ever stopped to ponder which of these entries truly matter? Fast forward to an uncomfortable future scenario—your funeral. Among those calendar entries, how many people would genuinely mourn your absence or even attend to pay their respects? It's a jarring thought, isn't it?

This introspection isn't meant to guilt-trip you into a existential crisis, but rather to spotlight the profound importance of dedicating time to the ones who truly enrich our lives—our children. In the intricate dance of life and responsibilities, ensuring our kids are not just footnotes in our planners but headline acts is paramount. Join me as we delve deeper into the transformative power of consciously scheduling quality time with our kids, ensuring they're not just fleeting mentions in our daily logs but pivotal chapters in the story of our lives.

With the children in our lives that we are trying to guide and develop, there are many ways which you can lock in time with them. The first thing that I do is break out certain days of the week that my kids are blocked out on my calendar. During that set time I always have that blocked off on my calendar as unavailable for work.

When I put my kids on the calendar, I am making myself available for them should they need me and adding in appropriate levels of time and activities to do with them based on their age range. With my 14-year-old son, I have the luxury of still being a desired source of time and entertainment, second only to the time he spends shooting up his friends on Fortnite. With my 17 year old daughter, an hour of time is a precious commodity which would remove her from the most important aspect of her life, her friends and boyfriend. With my older stepchildren ages 23-29, my time with them is much more fluid as they have created their own lives and we fit in time based on shared interests and experiences.

Bottom line. Get them on the calendar. For more on this and other key operations to help us be the best fathers we can, order our Paint By Numbers, The Art of Fatherhood book here.


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