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Best Fathers Day Gift - In Our Completely Unbiased Opinion

Funny, Absorbing and Instructive.

Fatherhood is an institution that we all simply step into upon the birth of a child. It is the most prominent art form engaged in the world today. And yes, it is absolutely an art form! Is there however, a way to provide some lines to color within while negotiating this daily painting?

Paint By Numbers is an entertaining journey through the life of fatherhood. Filled with hilarious stories, remarkable anecdotes and 8 Operations to guide fathers, coaches and male role models on their paternal journey.

Brian Lafauci's Painting by Numbers reads like a love letter from a father to a father. Lafauci combines his experience as a counselor, a Service Member and--most of all--a father to convey some excellent tips on what it means to guide, help and sometimes just be present for your kids. And he makes you laugh.

-Richard Plate , Professor, University of Central Florida

With Fathers Day just around the corner here are two things you can do:

  1. Follow our Fatherhood Fridays on our Instagram Channel

  2. Purchase your Paint By Numbers The Art of Fatherhood book to follow along!

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