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Do You Ever Ask How You're Doing as a Parent or Spouse?

How often do we ask questions of our significant other/ friends/ family that will lead to discovery of where we are succeeding and where we are failing? Recently I did this exercise with my children and posted them on my Fatherhood Friday posts on my Won Strategy Social media pages.

It was very enlightening for me. I asked my kids one simple question: "What do you wish i did differently as a parent?" - no answer is out of bounds. The insight was fantastic and the outcome was great. They felt heard, they knew I cared about improving, and we now have a clear path for self improvement.

In this case it worked two fold. Along with making the commitment to improve, it opened the door for me to explain to them some of their behaviors, that influenced my behavior they wanted to change. Amazingly, we both were held accountable by their question!

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