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Fatherhood is an Art Form - What are you Painting?

Updated: May 9, 2023

An Ordinary Artist

It is with the most pronounced surety, that from this pulpit I shall proclaim the works of Rembrant, Donatello and Bach, through the likes of Swift, Doig and Penone, as diminutive in juxtaposition to the life-long tapestry actualized through the acts of an ordinary father upon a child.

Make no mistake about it, fatherhood, and parenting in the more global sense, is an art. It depicts every aspect that makes art beautiful, alluring, thought provoking and worthy of discussion. Its interpretation can easily transform when viewed from an external position based on countless factors. In many cases, as with other art forms, we can generalize the good from the bad, keeping in mind that there are still critics of Don McLean’s timeless classic “American Pie.” As you delve into this book, I am hopeful that you will assimilate the pages in the way you would gaze up at the Mona Lisa, perched on what appears to be a far larger wall than deserving of her unexpectedly minuscule proportions. You may love her smile. Perhaps you may see no smile at all, it pays no matter. What matters is that you contemplate her through your lens. That you allot yourself the time and presence of mind to formulate whatever mental synapse you chose. And when you step through the echoing halls of the marvelous Louvre, with Miss Mona’s smile, or lack of, fading off in the distance, know that she has impacted you with an opinion. In a universal sense, her brief interaction with you has impacted your interpretation of future artistic creations that retrace the same neural pathways that were ignited when you gazed upon her. You can never unsee her. Unlearn her. You can never discard the impact of those fleeting moments. They have shaped you, to some minuscule or monumental degree, forever. This, my readers, is fatherhood; and to the children in your lives, you are the da Vinci. An ordinary artist, creating a remarkable imprint with every note, each brush stroke and all manipulations of the soft palatable clay that lays itself into your hands daily. With a little effort, you will create a masterpiece. My words are not truth, rather contemplations for you to absorb. My suggestions are not scientific fact; rather bluesy riffs for you to hear, interpret, and then replay in your own musical interpretation. You see, some of us like Neil Diamond's original version of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”; and others of us like what Urge Overkill did with the tune. Either way, it's the same song, each with its own artistic take imprinted on it. Take my words and make them yours, you're the artist.

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