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4 Key Steps to Close A Sale!

Updated: Mar 12

The last mile of the race always seems the toughest, and finalizing a deal in your company can also feel that same way. So why is that?

key steps to better close sales

The main reason behind the challenge of closing sales lies in the nuanced difference between the skills and approaches used in initial discussions versus those needed when making the closing ask. Understanding precisely when and how to pivot to this stage is crucial, as missteps here can undo previous rapport building.

1.) Engage continuously in questioning to unearth your client's specific needs, ensuring you can clearly articulate the tangible benefits and impacts of your product or service tailored to those needs.

2.) If the conversation stalls, strategically ask questions anticipating a "No" response. Examples include:

  • "Do you have any reservations about our products/services?" This opens a path to address concerns directly.

  • "Is there any reason our solution might not meet your current needs?" Identifying objections allows for targeted reassurance.

3.) Leveraging "No" oriented questions skillfully directs the dialogue towards a "Yes," subtly reinforcing the product's fit for the client's needs.

4.) A compelling closing question like "What barriers remain that would prevent us from finalizing this today?" directly addresses any final hesitations, facilitating a smooth transition to agreement and action.

how to close a sale

Using these techniques can make the transition to the ask seamless since it is just another probing question in a line of questions to better understand your client/customer.

Remember, as Jack Canfield said so well:

“If You Are Not Moving Closer To What You Want In Sales (Or In Life), You Probably Aren’t Doing Enough Asking.”

Ask Away!


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