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Spotlighting Gems: Unearth Hidden Potential with Our Business Brokerage

The realm of business brokerage can often seem overwhelming and complex, filled with countless companies and mountains of data. Yet, when you're looking to buy or sell, having a seasoned expert by your side can mean the difference between a thriving success story and a missed opportunity. This is where the synergy between Won Strategy and Stony Hill Advisors shines its brightest.

Won Strategy and Stoney Hill Business Brokerage

Stony Hill Advisors isn't your everyday M&A advisory firm. With a specialization in the lower middle market and dynamic entrepreneurial businesses, they've carved out a niche by offering both qualitative and quantitative guidance, tailored for meaningful results. They're not just about transactions; they're about genuine value creation. And their team? Think of them as fellow travelers, having worn the hats of owners, managers, and executives across a plethora of industries.

Our partnership with Stony Hill Advisors emphasizes a collective commitment - to offer our clients an unparalleled strategic approach. We believe in pushing the boundaries, ensuring our clients not just survive, but truly thrive.

But enough about us. Let's dive into two standout companies we're currently brokering, exemplifying the caliber of opportunities our collaboration brings to the forefront:

Turned product and screw, nut and bolt manufacturing

Turned product and screw, nut and bolt manufacturing:

"Where Passion Meets Precision"

What they offer: A skilled machining and fabrication enterprise, this business prides itself on crafting custom solutions, with an adept hand in reverse engineering.

The facility: Nestled within a 4,200 sq ft leased space in a versatile building, it boasts top-tier CNC machines and various support tools.

Diverse clientele: Their services cater to numerous industries, from automotive and military to medical, showcasing their adaptability.

Material mastery: Their range spans from cast iron and carbon steels to plastics and super alloys, truly capturing their versatility.

Team composition: Comprising 2 full-timers, 1 part-timer, and an owner dedicatedly investing 40 hours weekly.

What's on the table: The sale encompasses everything - from manufacturing equipment and inventory to customer lists and product drawings.


Kitchen and Bath Renovation, Installation, and Cabinet Manufacture: "Crafting Dream Spaces" Since 1995

Kitchen and Bath Renovation, Installation, and Cabinet Manufacture

Philosophy and Focus: With a foundation built on attentive listening and tailored implementation, this business shines in the realm of kitchen and bath design, spanning renovations to custom installations.

Reputation and reach: Decades of unparalleled renovations and installations have cemented their reputation. Their services? Comprehensive solutions for all kitchen and bath needs.

Expertise: Fuelled by seasoned professionals, they ensure top-tier quality at every phase.

Tools and Expansion: Equipped with modern tools to maintain the brand's rigorous standards and poised for growth in the home improvement sector.

A journey of excellence: Starting in 1995, the owner's vision has always been clear - transform spaces into the dream kitchens or bathrooms their clients envision, without breaking the bank.

Team and brand: Boasting brand recognition, stable profitability, and a dedicated team open to staying on post-sale, they're a jewel awaiting its next chapter.

The above two companies epitomize the breadth and depth of our brokerage capabilities. Whether you're seeking to invest, sell, or simply explore the landscape, know that with Won Strategy and Stony Hill Advisors, you're in seasoned hands. Discover more, unearth potential, and let's forge success stories together. Contact us today for more information!

Won Strategy and Stoney Hill Business Brokerage

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