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Summer is Here! The Importance of Vacations with your Kids.

Today's blog comes out of a segment of my book, Paint By Numbers, The Art of Fatherhood. With Fathers Day a week away, and summer also just around the corner, the concept of what to do with the kids is on everyones mind. By taking a new approach to the word "vacation", we can find a few ways to improve our connection with our children.

Vacations. I heard a wonderful quote once which said: “Take vacations, you can always find time to make money; you can't always find time to make memories''. So what defines a vacation? Most of us are limited by funds, time off, life events and other barriers to making vacations a common occurrence, so here are my suggestions. First, just saying “we’re going on vacation” makes us process the event differently than an ordinary day. Words have a mystifying way of initiating an ideological metamorphosis; turning what would otherwise be a humdrum Saturday into an extraordinary adventure.

The simple act of taking a few days away, has a number of outstanding effects on interactions. From the parent standpoint, getting away from the house, even if it's to the hotel an hour away, removes the drive to complete work, clean the house, and do the myriad of other activities that take away meaningful interactions with the kids. From a child standpoint, the new and exciting surroundings often promote increased exploration and conversation.

Lastly, when it's just you and the kids, you all naturally become each other's entertainment. So head on out! Whether it’s to the local campground an hour away, or halfway across the world, the impact of the time together is what is truly important and will occur regardless of the destination. Get those vacations on the calendar today!

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