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Too Many Social Media Options For My Business!

One of the things that people question all the time when they're about to start their business is, how am I going to manage all the social media outlets out there, and where should I start?

The key thing to remember is one you don't have to be everywhere, but wherever you are you need to be doing it well! So, a great way to start is look at the thing that you are trying to accomplish. If there's some great video in your business, that's easy to get out there, then obviously a platform that's good for video and pictures is where you would start like a Facebook or Instagram. If you're looking more B2B and consumer product type stuff, you might find yourself in a better space like LinkedIn. Or maybe you want to just be a thought leader on Twitter. No matter what, pick a combination that works and then watch the data over a couple months and lock into what works best for you.

There are great resources out there to look at social media data and see that platform draw from which demographic. Use these to line up your marketing with channels that your market is using:

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