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Why the Smartest People ask the Most Questions.

Whenever your business is going through any type of change, there is one key action that is more important than all the rest - Ask Questions. I find often times individuals are reluctant to ask questions for fear of feeling uneducated or unable to make a decision. In reality, the act of asking questions serves a number fo different benefits.

  1. When you ask a question you inherently communicate to the receiver that this issue or area is one of great importance to you. Simultaneously, you communicate to that person that their opinion is valued and everyone looks to feel valued!

  2. Asking questions can often take the overwhelming feeling of having a decision rest solely on your shoulders and easy a bit of that pressure. Hearing input from others can help in getting a sense of the impact of the decision on those around you.

  3. When asking a person a question, you gain valuable insight into their feelings and often that insight will extend beyond the direct question that was asked of them.

Once a question is asked, the next step is to make the most of the answer you receive. To do that there are two great steps you can take in preparation for asking someone a question:

  1. Be in your right mind - This is perhaps the hardest part of the question/answer process.. Set aside what you think you know, and start with a beginner’s mind. From that perspective, there can only be good answers. Ask that searching question with genuine curiosity, listen carefully, and be open to every answer.

  2. Ask a Diverse Audience the Same Question - Select a panel of people representing the broadest possible spectrum of perspectives and experiences of your business. Salespeople and customer champions make good internal candidates. Bear in mind that there will come a time to speak truth to power: involve peers and managers early.

Lastly, and often missed the most is to act! The most important part of this is the interpretation of the information and translating it into action. Have a follow-up plan to implement the change you are now facing.

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